Significance of Asset Tags and Asset Labels in Asset Tracking

Asset TagYour company’s value is measured not only in the profit you make but also in the value of assets you possess. Keeping obsolete and inoperative assets mean putting thousands and millions of dollars down the drain. Moreover, buying new assets when the old ones are still working can also hurt your balance sheet.

Assets are your physical capital and need to be tracked and monitored. While asset tracking is necessary to determine company’s financial stability, it is also necessary to prevent theft and keep in check movement of assets within and outside the organization.

Asset Labels and Asset Tags are means to an efficient asset tracking.  Assets are frequently purchased, sold, scrapped, removed and updated and can be easily traced using an asset management system that uses asset tags and asset labels.

Benefits of Asset Tags and Labels

  • Asset Tags and labels help in retrieving equipment or other asset that has been lost or stolen. These work as a proof of evidence and can be used in prosecution.
  • Asset Tags and labels also deter pilfering.
  • Asset Tags and labels aid in keeping a visual record of all your leasing contracts.
  • Insurance companies generally require asset tags and labels for validation and record keeping.
  • Asset tags and labels are useful to the police department to find stolen goods.
  • Asset tags and labels are crucial for year-end equipment inventories.

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