Custom Barcode Labels – How to Select The Right One

Barcode Labels are essential for any kind of business, whether they are large enterprises or small and medium-sized companies.  Whether you use it to track products that you sell or ship/deliver or assets that you own, Barcode Labels are a one-stop solution to your asset tracking and asset management needs.

Custom Barcode Labels

Conventionally seen in a supermarket and retail chain stores, barcodes have had a giant leap and are now used widely right from retail all the way through government offices to document important and classified files.

Given the wide usage of barcodes everywhere, it is important that every organization, whether it uses barcodes for the purpose of tracking goods, assets or files etc, maintains a unique series of barcodes that is easily identifiable in nature. What good is a barcode label if you can’t tell one from the other?

Custom Barcode Labels not only solve the primary purpose of tracking and monitoring property, but are also easily identifiable. A Custom Barcode Label with your company’s name and logo will not only help you in tracking your inventory, it will lift your promotional efforts and give you an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. A Custom Barcode Label displays important information about your company and looks professional and attractive at the same time.

Custom Barcode Labels are available online in a wide range of sizes that stick to almost every surface and every type of material. Options of colors and materials used in labels are also an option given to users who wish to buy a custom barcode label for their enterprise. Materials used in Custom Barcode Labels include a gloss effect and a matte effect. Labels with a matte effect come are designed using a matte polyester top layer that seals the text and the barcode. It also cuts down glare and helps barcode read rates. Labels with a gloss effect use a protective layer of polyester with a glossy surface. Graphics are sealed underneath.

It is important that you pay attention to the quality of the label before you set out to buy one. A dull and paper thin label is easy to tear and is often correlated to the products to you sell. A poor quality barcode label may reflect that your product is substandard. It’s true.

A good quality Custom Barcode Label should be made with a strong and durable material with a long shelf life. It should be resistant to chemicals, weather and abrasion and unaffected from accidental or intentional tampering.

Custom Barcode offers a host of stock and custom barcode labels. You can personalize your barcode using the customization wizard. Add logo, company name, sequential or random numbering to your Custom Barcode Label to suit personal or business requirements. Made using durable materials such as anodized aluminum, laminated polyester, destructible plastic, barcode labels offered here are resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals and tampering.


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