What Are Metal Rim Tags?

Metal Rim Tags are one of the widely used tags in businesses that need to keep a track of their inventory on a regular basis so that they know what they have in hand and what they need to do with it. The inventory here may mean, merchandise, machines and equipment etc.

Although Metal Rim Tags are crucial to businesses and offices who maintain their inventory effortlessly with these tags, the usage of metal rim tags goes beyond mere identification and classifying.

Before we talk about the various uses and applications of metal rim tags, let us take you through what metal rim tags exactly are and why they are preferred over conventional tags

What are Metal Rim Tags really?

Metal Rim Tags

Metal Rim Tags are ones where the cardstock is enclosed by a metal rim. While the cardstock offers a clean and smooth surface to write on, the key-ring shaped metal rim provides sturdiness to the tag by protecting the cardstock from tearing, bending, twisting etc.

Why are Metal Rim Tags Preferred Over Other Tags?

Because the metal rim protects the cardstock from any damage such as tearing, bending etc. the cardstock stays intact. Ordinary tags diminish in quality overtime with constant handling, tampering etc. whereas metal rim tags stay brand new for a long time.

Metal rim tags are not only durable but reusable too. One can write on them with a non-permanent marker and use them multiple times for multiple uses.

Nevertheless, durability of the metal rim tag is the chief reason behind businesses choosing metal rim tags over ordinary tags to mark their inventory.

Wide Application of Metal Rim Tags

At Office
Metal Rim Tags are an ideal way to mark and classify office supplies. Closets, drawers, keys, office stationery etc. can be tagged with professional looking metal rim tags.

In Industries
Metal Rim Tags are used in industries to mark and classify small equipments, small machinery and instruments. These tags work great for simply identifying objects or marking ones that need repairs. Since the tags are protected by a metal rim, they can endure the rough handling that might take place in the daily course in industries.

In Business
A Custom Metal Rim Tag with the company’s name and logo not only serves the basic purpose of inventory identification but also acts as a ‘brand carrier’ for the company. An aesthetically pleasing metal rim tag grabs attention more quickly than ordinary tags and makes an instant impression. A business where shipping of merchandise is involved can benefit a great deal from a custom metal rim tag. A custom metal rim tag will ensure that the shipment reaches the right customer on the right time (with appropriate information on the tag) and create brand retention among customers who would give more than just one glance to the appealing tag.

At Home
Metal Rim Tags are not just restricted to inventories and office supplies. These versatile tags adorn birthday greeting and holiday gifts displaying personalized messages and wishes. Martha Stewart, the housekeeping connoisseur has showcased multiple uses of metal rim tags. Right from organizing home supplies to making greeting cards, holiday stockings, trinkets etc. metal rim tags find their application in various arts and craft projects at home.