Best Uses Of Asset Tags

The basic function of any asset tag, also referred to as asset label, property ID tag or simply ID tag, is to manage and track assets in a variety of set ups. Whether it is a commercial enterprise, public sector or personal requirement, asset tags are crucial to identify, track and locate business or private property when needed.

Aluminum Asset TagsAsset Tags are used on a vast range of products- electronics, apparels, perishable products etc and are exposed to different environments. Indoor applications, outdoor applications, cold and warm temperatures require asset tags to possess characteristics that sustain these environments. A strong adhesive backing, tamper-proof properties and extreme temperature resistance are some of the characteristics that an asset tag possesses to function well in these different environments. Moreover, it is these characteristics of asset tags that aids in serving the basic function of identifying and tracking assets.

Although use of asset tags is broadly associated with identification and tracking of assets/property as stated above, there are some specific purposes, asset tags have been used for over the years. These are –

  • Theft Prevention – Equipment and products labeled with asset tags minimize the chances of theft.
  • Tracking – Asset tags are effective in tracking down an equipment or product. Companies can track products when they move in and out of the organization for reasons of repair, shipment, replacement etc. Labeling of products with asset tags accompanied with barcodes can help trace the products easily.
  • Recovery – Lost or stolen objects labeled with asset tags can be identified and returned to its rightful owner. Recovering lost items like cell phones, laptops, iPod etc is much easier if they are marked with asset tags.
  • Insurance Records – Companies that maintain a database of valuables through the use of asset tags and labels find it easier to file claims with insurance companies in case of unfortunate events.
  • Loan Applications – Most of the banks require firms to provide a proof of business assets while applying for loans. Asset tags and labels help maintain a database of these assets which can be shown to banks.
  • Reminders – Asset tags also work as reminders for upcoming repairs, expired lease, contracts, agreements etc. Perishable products marked with purchase dates or expiration dates are a classic example of asset tags working as visual reminders.

To make the best use of asset tags, it is important that keen attention is paid to their quality and Permaguard Asset Labelsproperties. A chemical or a steel manufacturing industry for example, would benefit from an asset tag that is chemical resistant and can withstand higher temperatures. Additionally, an asset tag should be designed using durable materials such as anodized aluminum, laminated polyester, vinyl etc to provide durability and strength. Asset tags can also be customized using company name, logo, numbering etc to suit different requirements.

The Importance of Quality Asset Tags In An Organization

If you own or are a part of an organization that uses a variety of equipment and hardware, you need an effective asset management program for easy tracking and identification. Corporations, whether IT or non-IT, use asset tags and asset labels to effectively manage their assets, in case they move, break down, are stolen, or are frequently in transit. An asset tag or label is a unique identification for fixed assets. It may take the form of a unique number or barcode, and help organizations monitor the value, position, state and other information about the assets. Every asset tag and label distinguishes a specific entity from the rest of the company’s assets with a unique number, and additional text (company’s name, product name etc.) in some cases. Almost every company realizes the value of asset tags and labels to maintain an efficient asset management system, but whether they realize the importance of premium quality asset tags is another matter altogether.

Unlike ordinary labels and tags that are used in retail stores, asset tags need to be designed to withstand the varying conditions in which they are used. The following is a list of some of the best asset labels available on the market:

1. SecuriGuard™ Asset Labels- This uniquely designed label includes a destructible feature offering many security benefits. The label breaks as soon as anyone tries to tamper with it, so that assets tagged with SecuriGuard are afforded an extra measure of protection from vandals and thieves.SecuriGuard

2. StealGuard™ Tamper- Evident Asset Labels- These tamper-evident labels, as the name suggests, reveal when the label has been meddled with. The label displays a ‘VOID’ pattern on the asset, when anyone tries to lift it to remove it completely.StealGuardTamper-Evident Asset Labels can be customized by adding your company’s name and additional text to suit individual requirements. You can also add custom numbering, identical barcodes, and more to match company’s standards.StealGuard™ Tamper-Evident Asset Labels

3. PermaGuard™ Asset Labels- These labels are ideal for industries that involve frequent use of chemicals in varying temperatures throughout the work environment. PermaGuardAsset Labels offer superior resistance to chemical attacks, abrasion, and weather. The graphics on the label are protected with a clear polyester covering. These labels have smooth rounded corners and resist flagging and wear. They are easy to clean and stick to all kind of surfaces, whether flat or curved. Available with a matte surface, PermaGuard labels cut down on glare, making it easy to read the label.PermaGuard™ Asset Labels

Before you pick an asset tag, make sure you understand both its features and the material used to make it. A superior quality asset tag uses diamond anodic surface, hardened aluminum, natural aluminum, removable liner and a high bond adhesive that is durable and sticks to surfaces securely and easily.

Custom Barcode Labels – How to Select The Right One

Barcode Labels are essential for any kind of business, whether they are large enterprises or small and medium-sized companies.  Whether you use it to track products that you sell or ship/deliver or assets that you own, Barcode Labels are a one-stop solution to your asset tracking and asset management needs.

Custom Barcode Labels

Conventionally seen in a supermarket and retail chain stores, barcodes have had a giant leap and are now used widely right from retail all the way through government offices to document important and classified files.

Given the wide usage of barcodes everywhere, it is important that every organization, whether it uses barcodes for the purpose of tracking goods, assets or files etc, maintains a unique series of barcodes that is easily identifiable in nature. What good is a barcode label if you can’t tell one from the other?

Custom Barcode Labels not only solve the primary purpose of tracking and monitoring property, but are also easily identifiable. A Custom Barcode Label with your company’s name and logo will not only help you in tracking your inventory, it will lift your promotional efforts and give you an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. A Custom Barcode Label displays important information about your company and looks professional and attractive at the same time.

Custom Barcode Labels are available online in a wide range of sizes that stick to almost every surface and every type of material. Options of colors and materials used in labels are also an option given to users who wish to buy a custom barcode label for their enterprise. Materials used in Custom Barcode Labels include a gloss effect and a matte effect. Labels with a matte effect come are designed using a matte polyester top layer that seals the text and the barcode. It also cuts down glare and helps barcode read rates. Labels with a gloss effect use a protective layer of polyester with a glossy surface. Graphics are sealed underneath.

It is important that you pay attention to the quality of the label before you set out to buy one. A dull and paper thin label is easy to tear and is often correlated to the products to you sell. A poor quality barcode label may reflect that your product is substandard. It’s true.

A good quality Custom Barcode Label should be made with a strong and durable material with a long shelf life. It should be resistant to chemicals, weather and abrasion and unaffected from accidental or intentional tampering.

Custom Barcode offers a host of stock and custom barcode labels. You can personalize your barcode using the customization wizard. Add logo, company name, sequential or random numbering to your Custom Barcode Label to suit personal or business requirements. Made using durable materials such as anodized aluminum, laminated polyester, destructible plastic, barcode labels offered here are resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals and tampering.

Indispensable Shipping Tags

Shipping has been one of the popular mediums of transportation through ages. Due to shipping, the world trade has flourished and global economy has progressed. It is best for transporting bulk goods, heavy machinery and loads of raw material.

Considering that Shipping has such an important role in moving goods, it becomes necessary that the shipment is packaged, labeled and tagged correctly. If you tag your package incorrectly, you can create a serious safety risk and the shipment will most likely be rejected.

Shipping TagThe best way to transport a shipment without any confusion or hassle is to use Shipping Tags. Shipping Tags play an important role in transferring shipment in an organized and structured way. Shipping Tags and Shipping Labels are used for marking the inventory so that inventory can be easily identified later; tracking an order can be easy and effortless at different stages of shipment; and recognition becomes simpler.

Apart from easy identification, tags are used for security reasons so that the product is not misplaced.Shipping Tags This is the reason tags have the logo or trademark of the company. The chances of losing goods are reduced to a great extent with tags and labels. Shipping Tags contain information like customer name, destination, date of shipment, status of shipment and quantity.

Making use of Shipping Labels and Tags that are personalized for one’s business is the finest way to demonstrate commitment towards its customers. Shipping Tags show where the goods have originated from and help to deliver the shipment on time to the right customers. If the contact information is given, a quick call would clear up the hassle, if there is any.

Packaging is an art that is applied to enclose and protect the products while storage, transportation and shipment. It is a part of a coordinated system and aids in easy and hassle free transportation and warehousing with the help of shipping tags.


Shipping Tags have several objectives:

  • Physical protection: A package enclosed may require to be shielded from shock; vibration and temperature. A shipping tag or label can help the transporter be aware of such needs.
  • Convenience: Packages can have shipping tags with features which results in convenient handling, stacking and transportation.
  • Security: Shipping tags play an important part in security of shipment. Packages can be made with improved tamper resistant material to deter tampering.
  • Communication of information: Shipping tags state how to transport the package or product. Shipping Tags also help in tracking goods while in transit.