The Importance of Quality Asset Tags In An Organization

If you own or are a part of an organization that uses a variety of equipment and hardware, you need an effective asset management program for easy tracking and identification. Corporations, whether IT or non-IT, use asset tags and asset labels to effectively manage their assets, in case they move, break down, are stolen, or are frequently in transit. An asset tag or label is a unique identification for fixed assets. It may take the form of a unique number or barcode, and help organizations monitor the value, position, state and other information about the assets. Every asset tag and label distinguishes a specific entity from the rest of the company’s assets with a unique number, and additional text (company’s name, product name etc.) in some cases. Almost every company realizes the value of asset tags and labels to maintain an efficient asset management system, but whether they realize the importance of premium quality asset tags is another matter altogether.

Unlike ordinary labels and tags that are used in retail stores, asset tags need to be designed to withstand the varying conditions in which they are used. The following is a list of some of the best asset labels available on the market:

1. SecuriGuard™ Asset Labels- This uniquely designed label includes a destructible feature offering many security benefits. The label breaks as soon as anyone tries to tamper with it, so that assets tagged with SecuriGuard are afforded an extra measure of protection from vandals and thieves.SecuriGuard

2. StealGuard™ Tamper- Evident Asset Labels- These tamper-evident labels, as the name suggests, reveal when the label has been meddled with. The label displays a ‘VOID’ pattern on the asset, when anyone tries to lift it to remove it completely.StealGuardTamper-Evident Asset Labels can be customized by adding your company’s name and additional text to suit individual requirements. You can also add custom numbering, identical barcodes, and more to match company’s standards.StealGuard™ Tamper-Evident Asset Labels

3. PermaGuard™ Asset Labels- These labels are ideal for industries that involve frequent use of chemicals in varying temperatures throughout the work environment. PermaGuardAsset Labels offer superior resistance to chemical attacks, abrasion, and weather. The graphics on the label are protected with a clear polyester covering. These labels have smooth rounded corners and resist flagging and wear. They are easy to clean and stick to all kind of surfaces, whether flat or curved. Available with a matte surface, PermaGuard labels cut down on glare, making it easy to read the label.PermaGuard™ Asset Labels

Before you pick an asset tag, make sure you understand both its features and the material used to make it. A superior quality asset tag uses diamond anodic surface, hardened aluminum, natural aluminum, removable liner and a high bond adhesive that is durable and sticks to surfaces securely and easily.